APL Pest Control Services

Home in Pinellas County, FL with St Augustine turf lawn

Lawn Spraying Service  - Fertilization, Insect and Weed Control

No Contract Required and Only 6 regular scheduled services per year to fertilize, control bugs and weeds. The philosophy is simple: Encourage the turf and discourage everything else. 

  • Lawn Spraying Service Summary: 

    • No Contract Required 

    • 6 Services per Year (Every Other Month) 

    • Maintain Fertility at Medium to Medium-high Year Round 

    • Kill the Bugs and Weeds 

Home Pest Control Service – Prevention and Remedial Pest Control 

We treat the exterior around your entire home and create an invisible barrier to deny unwanted pests entry into your home. No more chemicals in the house. And for any problems that arise in between treatments, we offer unlimited service calls.  

For pest problems in the home, we can offer a safe and effective action plan to quickly rid your home of the unwanted ants, roaches, rodents and more. 

  • Home Pest Control Service Summary: 

    • No Contract Required 

    • 6 Preventative Perimeter Treatments with Unlimited Service Calls 

    • Emergency Service for Removal of Ants, Roaches, Rodents and more