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Rick Orr provides training to lawn tech
Rick Orr - Creator of ILOVETURF.COM - Provides Instructions to a Lawn Tech in the Field

Message from Rick Orr, Owner APL Pest Control

Yes, APL Pest Control is my business and I live in St Pete. It looks like a big company, mainly because of the internet – but APL is a small local family-owned business.

I am better at pest control than selling pest control. I have a pragmatic approach to pest control. I try to provide good information about your lawn or pest problem and the best options for a solution so you can make an informed decision. This isn't the best way to close a sale – sometimes it kills the sale - but it is the best way to solve the problem.

Rick Orr, creator of ILOVETURF.COM and Owner-Operator of APL Pest Control
Rick Orr


I am also the creator of ILOVETURF.COM. I created it to be a place where people can learn how to grow and maintain a lawn. I believe that lawns are not what is wrong with our urban environment, I believe lawns are what is right with our urban environments.

I am an Agronomist

I graduated from Va Tech in ’79 with a degree in agronomy – focusing on turf ecology. Since 1980, I have worked in the green industry - golf courses, resorts, and large communities. I held certifications as an arborist, landscape and irrigation contractor and worked as an adjunct professor for Environmental Horticulture at St Pete College

Lawn Spraying and Me

I relocated to Pinellas in 1995. Since then, I have been researching, developing and testing the best management practices for growing St Augustine turf in Pinellas County. Through many trials and experiments, I have discovered the best materials, methods, and equipment to grow and maintain a healthy beautiful lawn in Pinellas County.

Pest Control and Me

Since all the pests encountered in the home, came from the lawn, it was natural to offer home pest control. I started home pest control years ago working with local pest control businesses - mentored and tutored by knowledgeable and experienced pest control operators. After years of training and study, I was certified as a pest control operator for general household pests and rodents by the state of Florida.

That’s my story.

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Rick Orr, Creator of ILOVETURF.COM and Owner-Operator of APL Pest Control